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Pierre Beaudry

Dear reader,

      Welcome to my Galactic Parking Lot of AXIOM BUSTING IDEAS. The purpose of this website is to help you change your bad habit of going along to get along and help you make discoveries of universal principle.

      The  reports provide you with a series of axiomatic singularities and paradoxical anomalies which are necessary to internalize and to resolve if you wish to make a true discovery of principle. For example, have a look at this short report on the difference between the Platonic and Aristotelian methods of understanding causality: THE GALACTIC TIME-REVERSAL SOLUTION TO AN AXIOMATIC CHANGE.

     These reports encompass ten areas of investigation, notably, Astronomy, Axiom Busting, Bois d’Arc Craft, BRICS Panchsheel, Classical Artistic Composition,  Constructive Geometry, Epistemology, History, Strategic Studies, and Synarchy.

Enjoy yourself, and make sure your life is not a drag.

Yours truly,

Pierre Beaudry

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  1. Hi Pierre
    Can you help ? In EIR #4 2017 have an article about the Mozart revolution .
    Is very difficult to someone without musical education to understand the argument . Your contribution will be helpful .

    • Hi Ilko,

      Yes I can help you. The argument of Lyn is centered on the transfinite Lydian quality of the J.S. Bach’s A Musical Offering known as the “royal theme” motivation (Motivführung) which was given to him by King Frederick “The Great” of Prussia and that Mozart used as the principle of composition for his Fantasy in C minor for Piano, K. 475.

      I have written several reports on this Lydian transfinite question in the musical section of my Galactic Parking Lot. The subject is simple, but it is difficult to fully grasp if you don’t play any music and if you don’t intend to change your bad habits of not singing Bel Canto. The point is to discover how to go through the singularity of a dissonance in order to cause a change which takes you to a higher level. The purpose or the intention of the design (Motivführung) is to increase and secure the mental powers of your mind.

      The secret lies in constructive geometry. As Lyn put it: “Believe nothing that for which you cannot give to yourself a constructive proof.” If you give me an example of what you don’t understand, or what you are blocking on, it will be easier for me to help you.



  2. December 11, 2015

    Hello Mr. Beaudry,

    You have a very thought provoking website. One could literally spend months and years digesting and grappling with the issues presented. I am in Africa (been here for two years) I have a question(s) regarding teaching teenagers Calculus and other topics. I have a relative of mine (recently turned 16) that I introduced to Plato (the republic) last year December and to my surprise he has voraciously taken to the platonic thinking. It’s almost like a mental bomb went off in his head after initially struggling with the ideas and language. And now it’s fascinating to watch him and his other siblings debate on knowledge, etc.

    I’ve been trying to figure out away to continue to push his mind as he an interest in Science primarily and to my surprise his curiosity for the arts has been provoked. He has read Macbeth and the Iliad while at the same time fighting with the poetry of Shelley. How do you introduce him to looking at Mathematics from a Platonic/Leibnizian perspective? Finding pedagogical material is proving to be challenging as their are not many resources that are freely available over here. I have managed to have someone that is visiting Kenya soon to bring a Telescope and also a Lenart Sphere for teaching Spherical geometry http://lenartsphere.com/ (of which I wanted to know what you thought of using the Lenart sphere for teaching) The other nagging issue was how to teach the platonic solids and constructive geometry. I was of the thought of getting the zometool equipment for that http://www.zometool.com/shop/ but that would be in the near future. In the meantime what could be used as an alternative?

    And how do you introduce Calculus from a Leibnizian perspective? Keep in mind that I myself have been learning about these topics for two years and therefore i am still a novice.

    Thank You

    • December 14, 2015
      Hello Nigel,

      It is nice to hear from Africa and I am glad you have found food for thought on my Galactic Parking Lot. Your inquiries are important and I will try to address them all. I suggest three points of method.

      First of all, you cannot introduce mathematics from a Platonic/Leibnizian perspective? It cannot be done, because mathematics and creativity are fundamentally incompatible. The two are contradictory by nature. Modern mathematics has become a form of brainwashing that makes believe it has a life of its own and ends up dominating everything else. It is the whole deductive method that is wrong.

      Secondly, the most important thing you want to teach your 16 year old relative is to show him how to build the pathway to new discoveries of principle; that is, the pathway to something unknown that comes from the future. It’s the pathway that counts, not what’s at the end of it. In other words, teach him how to build a bridge that connects and establishes permanent links of proportionality among everything that is important to know; teach him how to create a universal landbridge of cooperative thinking among all of the peoples of the world, like the Chinese are presently doing with their New Silk Road. The important thing is not where you are going to end up, but how you’re going to get there.

      Therefore, what I recommend you start with, before everything else, is Plato’s solution to the slave boy’s discovery of doubling of the square in the Meno dialogue; and, from there, use that discovery to construct the famous Pythagorean Theorem, but without the use of mathematics. This is the most important elementary discovery of all, because it implies the discovery of the principle of discovering.

      Thirdly, if you want to give yourself the proof that you don’t need mathematics, I suggest that you take the case of discovering the center of a circle with only a straight edge and circular action. The proof is always in the construction and no one should believe anything unless he can give it a constructive proof, by himself and for himself. If it is not constructible throw it out, because it will eventually turn out to be a fake.

      Finally, as for teaching the Platonic Solids, yes, I recommend LENART SPHERE and the ZOMETOO sticks, because they can be used as talent finders. However, they are mere toys and not real teaching instruments. For the more serious students, I suggest the construction of the Spherics that I discussed in my LANTERNLAND Geometry section. That’s a real axiom buster, because it shows how the solids are created from a higher and completely different geometric manifold. The spherical domain is what generates the polyhedral domain from the top down and never from the bottom up. The geometry you choose to work with must always show where things come from, not just how they work. In other words, always pay attention to the intention, which is always in the future. See in attachment how the dodecahedron is born from the sphere.

      Try my method and let me know if you have discovered the center of a circle with a straight edge and circular action alone. That’s an important test.


  3. Pretty nice post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to mention that I have really enjoyed surfing around your weblog posts. After all I will be subscribing for your feed and I hope you write once more soon!

    • Thank you for your kind note. If you want to know more about my method of axiom busting, you are welcome to ask any question you wish. Come again.


  4. Salut Pierre,
    Dans mon esprit, Obama et la guerre nucléaire ne forment pas une équation réaliste. Comment La Rouche peut-il arriver à une telle conclusion?

    • Salut Gilles,
      Le hiatus entre Obama et la guerre nucléaire vient du fait que tu ais négligé d’ajouter l’oligarchie britannique dans ton équation. Obama est un pantin de la famille royale de Grande Bretagne, comme ca été le cas des deux Bush avant lui. C’est l’oligarchie britannique qui contrôle Obama à travers Wall Street.
      Lyn est arrive à cette conclusion en découvrant que l’histoire des guerres mondiales remonte à l’expulsion de Bismarck en 1890. Je te conseille de lire LaRouche : Save the Nation from the British Empire, dans EIR le 19 octobre, 2012.
      Quant à moi, j’ai rédigé un rapport sur la question strategique de la Grande Bretagne et de la France dans la première et deuxième guerres mondiales que tu peux trouver dans la section STRATEGIC STUDIES I, ci-haut, intitulé : « UNHEIMLICH ! »
      Ces deux morceaux devraient faire le point sur le rôle de l’Empire Britannique et les Guerres Mondiales.

  5. Salut Pierre,
    Pourquoi ai-je de la difficulté à associer Obama à une guerre nucléaire? Ça ne me semble pas compatible.

  6. You left out a descriptive in your future with China paper. It should say that we degenerated into “self-absorbed Wall St. ass-licking fascists!!!” Keep up the excellent work!!!

  7. Great website! I think it is more scientifically relevant than the other Larouche related sites and much more organized!

    God bless!

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